01. The castle is really creepy. It looks like a place where [monsters] would live.
02. The [monsters] cheered with delight when their supper of crunchy, baked rocks was served.
03. The Japanese [monster] Godzilla can fly by firing a blast of energy from his mouth, thereby projecting himself backwards through space.
04. The first written account of the Loch Ness [monster] was made by a Viking sailor in 565 AD.
05. The villagers clung together in fear as the [monster] drew nearer.
06. Marie made a scary [monster] costume for her daughter to wear to the Halloween party.
07. The [monster] slowly emerged from the mud and slime of Venus where it had lain asleep for millions of years, and immediately began making plans for the complete destruction of the planet Earth.
08. The children gasped in fright when the [monster] appeared on stage.
09. The light from the streetlamps illuminated the figure of the [monster] as it crawled up the rocks towards the old castle.
10. The [monsters] of Jupiter like to eat humans raw, but here on Venus we prefer to grill them until they turn golden brown and crunchy.
11. The rocks the [monsters] were throwing in the movie were actually just hollow blocks of plastic.
12. Poseidon caused King Minos' wife to fall in love with a bull, and the offspring of their unnatural union was the Minotaur, a [monster] which was half man and half bull.
13. Shrek may be a terrible looking [monster], but he's a pretty nice guy once you get to know him.
14. Stewart is a very imaginative little boy who writes wonderful stories of aliens and [monsters].
15. The [monster] carried the limp body of the dead girl up to the castle.
16. My son wore a wonderful [monster] mask for Halloween.
17. The Loch Ness [monster] is one of the great mysteries of our time. Does it really exist or is it just a hoax?
18. They are [monsters]; offspring of the devil, children of hatred and loathing, spawn of death and destruction.
19. The [monster] lives in a parallel universe which cannot be perceived by people in our dimension.
20. The [monster] rose from the mud and howled at the full moon.
21. The [monster] happily filled his sack with bad children, and went home to have a barbecue.
22. The woman gasped, and shrank against the wall as the [monster] approached her.
23. The Apemen of Jupiter didn't find the people of earth very tasty, so the [Monsters] from Planet 9 suggested they try roasting them with garlic and herbs.
24. The little boy stared in terror at the [monsters] standing outside his door on Halloween night.
25. The villagers used torches to chase the [monster] back to the castle.
26. We could feel the heavy tread of the two-headed [monsters] shaking the ground beneath us as they approached from their spaceship.
27. People of the earth - we must unite if we hope to be successful against this attack by the [monsters] of Pluto and Jupiter.
28. Don't ever try to babysit the Henderson kids; they're both little [monsters].
29. Her husband was a [monster] who abused her for twenty years.
30. Our neighbors are building a [monstrous] new house that completely blocks our view of the ocean.
31. The new museum is a [monstrosity]; I can't believe the city spent fifteen million dollars on such an ugly building
32. A [monster] hurricane destroyed the entire village.
33. The mosquitoes in Manitoba are [monstrous]; they're practically the size of small birds!
34. The public is calling for the death penalty for the man who committed the [monstrous] act of killing six schoolchildren.
35. André Gide once said that there are very few [monsters] who warrant the fear we have of them.
36. John Hobbes maintained that men heap together the mistakes of their lives, and create a [monster] they call destiny.
37. Victor Hugo once suggested that adversity makes men, and prosperity makes [monsters].

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